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Stop rolling the dice with interviews. Learn how to probe deeply and get to the truth.

What percent of people do you believe exaggerate or embellish in the interview? Through extensive surveys among executives and managers the number is a staggering 90% or more. Are you confident you know if a candidate is telling the truth or exaggerating? In this Advanced Interviewing Program, you'll learn how to separate the candidates who are great at interviewing from those that can actually do the job.

Some of the most common problems that occur in typical interviews that this program will overcome include:

  • Hiring managers succumb to first impressions and lack objectivity in the interview process.
  • The questions used by hiring managers are either so far off the mark in terms of being valuable in assessing candidates, they border on comedy, or they are canned questions that solicit meaningless canned answers from the candidate.
  • There is no common framework among the interviewing committee or group of hiring managers in assessing the candidate.
  • Most assessments of candidates are full of superficial statements, generalities, ambiguities, and platitudes that lack an understanding of whether the candidate can achieve the desired results.
  • Other tools and methods are rarely used to validate and confirm the candidate responses in the interview.

Through the 6 key steps covered in this program, you'll become a master interviewer - capable of quickly cutting through the fluff in an interview and getting to the truth every single time. You'll discover there is not a candidate on Earth who can make it up fast enough. Implementing the techniques covered in this program you'll be able to ascertain if the candidate has either done the work and is telling the truth with incredible clarity and detail, or they will quickly self-implode in the seat in front of you. Never again, will you experience the common feeling of "You're Not the Person I Hired." The 6 steps of Advanced Interviewing that will be covered in this program are:

  • Define Success in specific outcomes, deliverables, expectations, and result.
  • Use the 5 core questions of the Success Factor Methodology as a framework for the interview. These questions will determine if the candidate can achieve your definition of success and do it with a set of behaviors and style that is consistent with your values and culture.
  • Begin to uncover the truth by asking for examples. Automatically asking for multiple examples will reinforce the truth about skills, behaviors, and prior accomplishments.
  • Apply Magnifying Glass Approach to Interviewing to probe deeply and peel back the layers of the onion for every example provided by the candidate.
  • The structured 8 Point Success Matrix will put all hiring managers on the same page for assessing the candidate and force the discussion to be analytical, rational, objective, and quantifiable as opposed to the traditional process of "gut feelings."
  • Validation of the candidate claims come from a wide range of tools including deep and intrusive reference checks that reverse engineer the entire interview, homework assignments, and personality profiling to name just a few.

Stop accepting poor interviewing and candidate embellishment. You can get to the truth.

This program can be delivered in a one hour keynote and a half day in-house training program.