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You're NOT The Person I Hired

The Success Factor Methodology

Manager Hiring Training Tools

 Can you relate to this title? Have you ever thought this?

You don't have to accept failed hiring any longer.

Why does hiring so often fail in the first six months?

Because few managers are trained how to hire and most companies don't have an organized formal hiring process.

They are using outdated sourcing, screening, and interviewing technique.

There is no marketing plan to attract working candidates.

Using our proprietary Success Factor Methodology hiring system, you can expect a dramatic improvement in hiring almost immediately. Attendees using and actively applying this methodology across a broad range of positions within their companies are hiring extraordinary talent on a consistent basis. Read what people say about this program CLICK HERE.

Through this workshop on Success Factor Methodology, attendees members will learn specifically how to design and put into place a hiring system that:

  1. Precisely identifies what quantifiable results you want from your new hire during the first year to eighteen months
  2. Mines deep for the best candidates, no matter where they are
  3. Structures interviews to predict the ability of a candidate to achieve the desired success
  4. Accurately assesses and moves only highly qualified candidates to the next step
  5. Results in offers only to candidates who are capable of meeting your clearly defined Success Factors

This workshop can be delivered in either a half-day or full-day format


Advanced Interviewing

Eliminating Candidate Embellishment and Exaggeration

Manager Hiring Training Tools

Train your managers how to probe deeply and get to the truth.

 What percent of people do you believe exaggerate or embellish in the interview?

Did you think to yourself more than 50%?

Even if it is 50%, are your teams Online Blackjack interviewing skills proficient enough to determine which 50% the candidate is in?

Are you confident you know if a candidate is telling the truth or exaggerating? In this Advanced Interviewing Program, you'll learn how to separate the candidates who are great interviewers from those that can actually do your job. Some of the most common problems that occur in typical interviews that this program will overcome include:

1. Assuming having right skills and experience means they can do the job

.2. How to eliminate the power of the FIRST impression.

3. How to ask for examples and more examples. 

4. How to eliminate embellishment during the interview with just 5 questions.

 5. How to probe deeply with just 6 words.

 6. How to get to what the candidate did, instead of what "we" did.

7. Will the candidate fit the culture and values of the company?

This program covers all aspects of the interviewing process

1. Defining success in the role

.2. Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts.

3. How to save time by avoiding interviewing unqualified candidates.

4. How to conduct a probing phone interview.

5. The anatomy of a one hour interview.

6. Cultural fit in your organization.

7. Validating the candidate did what they said they did in the interview.

8. Reference checking.

9. Countering the Counter offer.

10. How to end the interview when you know the candidate isn’t the right person.

11. Moving questions from “How have you..?” to “How will you..?”

12. Role play interviewing and probing deeply.Interviewing doesn’t have to be a time consuming process.


Interviewing doesn’t have to be dreaded by managers. When done properly, it can actually make a person’s job more fulfilling and impactful.

This workshop is presented in a half-day.