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Hiring Process Assessment Scorecard



Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your hiring process.

You can't fix something if you don't know what is broken.

This simple scorecard will help you identify what is and is not working with your hiring process.

Then use some of our other training tools and resources to build an effective and efficient hiring process that attracts, interviews, and hires top talent.

Start improving your hiring today with a simple analysis of your hiring methodology.




Will Candidates Fit In YOUR Culture?



What is your company's culture?

Do you know your company's culture?

Can you define your company's culture?

Would the key executives in your company define it the same way?


Take our cutural assessment to find out.

Studies show that one of main reasons for turnover, new hire failure, and loss of top talent is a dysfunctional culture so you should know the answers to these questions. It is so important that everyone in your organization can not only define your culture, but that everyone agrees on what the culture is.

CEOs often perceive one culture, key executives another, and the worker bees yet another. Our cultural assessment is the place start. We recommend that you and all of your employees take the assessment. Then take the results and build the culture that works best in your organization.

You’re NOT the Person I Hired! EBook Version


Manager Hiring Training Tool

 Can you relate to this title? Have you ever thought this?

If ‘YES" then you are the person we wrote this book for. Over 10,000 CEO's and Key Executives have our book and have dramatically improved their hiring. Hiring is the only process in a company where failure is accepted.


You don't have to accept failed hiring any longer.




You don't have to accept failed hiring any longer.

checkmark You can reduce your cost per hire

checkmark You can reduce the costs of training for the same position over and over

checkmark You can reduce inaccuracies and inefficiencies that frustrate you

checkmark You can reduce the stress associated with managing poor performers

checkmark You can reduce over paying for underperforming employee


Most importantly you can start building an organization of top performers!



E-books make it easy to take with you anywhere without having to pack it.


8 Points to Retain Your Best People Scorecard



Manager Hiring Training Tools

Motivate Top Talent by Giving Them a Standing Ovation

Top talent will only perform to a standing ovation.

If you're not patting them on the back:

when they hit or exceed your high expectations,

when the go beyond the call of duty,

when they demonstrate the values and behaviors you want role-modeled for the rest of the organization,

then your best performers will leave to go to a place where they are recognized and rewarded.

This is basic employee motivation 101. Abraham Harold Maslow talked about people's need to feel rewarded and recognized for their contribution as part of his "hierarchy of human needs" model. Numerous best-selling authors and best-practice studies in retention strategies have identified the need for companies to have a non-monetary rewards and recognition system.

We're talking about a system that goes beyond the usual employee of the month name on the wall, the annual company picnic, and the anniversary pins for 5, 10 or 15 years of service.

Our Non-Monetary Rewards/Recognition Improvement Project will examine 8 key elements of best practices for a systematic and structured program of non-monetary rewards and recognition. If you'd like to significantly boost employee motivation, commitment, passion, and engagement, request a custom quote now to start the process of implementing one of the most powerful programs in retention management.