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Upcoming Manager Hiring Training Schedule

These are the cities and dates where Brad is currently scheduled to be speaking. If you would like to book him for your corporate retreat, association meeting, CEO group or an in-house training program CLICK HERE to contact him.


April 2015
29-Apr-2015       Austin, TX
30-Apr-2015       Austin, TX
May 2015
01-May-2015       Austin, TX
12-May-2015       Upland, CA
13-May-2015       Upland, CA
14-May-2015       Upland, CA
21-May-2015       Dennis, MA
June 2015
11-Jun-2015       Mercer Island, WA
16-Jun-2015       Minneapolis, MN
July 2015
8-Jul-2015       Queen Valley, AZ
16-Jul-2015       Charlotte, NC
28-Jul-2015       Columbia, SC
August 2015
11-Aug-2015       Canandaigua, NY
12-Aug-2015       Rochester, NY
19-Aug-2015       Huntsville, AL
20-Aug-2015       Huntsville, AL
September 2015
01-Sep-2015       West Des Moines, IA
02-Sep-2015       West Des Moines, IA
03-Sep-2015       West Des Moines, IA
15-Sep-2015       Austin, TX
16-Sep-2015       San Antonio, TX
17-Sep-2015       San Antonio, TX
October 2015
01-Oct-2015       Memphis, TN
14-Oct-2015       Carmel, IN
15-Oct-2015       Indianapolis, IN
November 2015
10-Nov-2015       Plano, TX
10-Nov-2015       Dallas, TX
17-Nov-2015       Austin, TX
18-Nov-2015       Austin, TX
December 2015
January 2016
February 2016
March 2016